Marius - Oslo, Norway

Fantastisk bilde! Det gir virkelig stuen min et unikt preg. Veldig fornøyd med kjøpet mitt.

Anders - Bergen, Norway

Fantastisk kunst! Bildet gir rommet mitt en helt ny følelse. Elsker detaljene og fargene. Anbefaler på det sterkeste.

Eva - New York, USA

The autumn horse painting is exquisite! The details are stunning, and the colors bring such warmth to my home. Will definitely be a returning customer.

Olivia - Stavanger, Norway

Received my mug today, and the design is simply beutiful. It's my new favorite for morning coffee. Thanks again Baldur and thanks for the quick replies on Instagram. I've already told my friends and family about you :D

My mom told me she's going to buy 10 paintings from you, just to give randomly when she's invited to birthdays and weddings :'D

Emma - Toronto, Canada

The mountain and ocean print is a masterpiece! I don't remember the (Icelandic) name but it's perfect for my home office. Takk Baldur!

Lucas - Los Angeles, USA

Transformed my kid's room with the adorable nursery art prints. Each piece tells a story and adds a touch of whimsy. Love it!

Hannah - Berlin, Germany

I'm in awe of the attention to detail in the "Landslag 10" piece. It's like having a piece of Iceland in my living room.

Lars - Stavanger, Norway

Nydelig kunstverk! Jeg føler at jeg er på Island hver gang jeg ser på det.

Isabella - Paris, France

Omg, Merci .The mug is not just for sipping my morning coffee, it's a work of art! So unique and beautifully crafted. I always keep it visible for guests to see.

Nina - Trondheim, Norway

Fikk akkurat bildet mitt, og det overgikk virkelig forventningene mine. Utrolig vakkert!

Elin - Tromsø, Norway

Fantastisk kvalitet og rask levering. Jeg er superfornøyd med kunstverket mitt!

Liam - Boston, USA

The mug is not only stylish but also durable. The print hasn't faded after multiple washes. Great purchase! Baldur's painted portraits capture emotions in a way that's truly mesmerizing. I'm captivated by the depth and detail. A true masterpiece!
I'm ordering the same Abstract kona 5 as on the mug as a print.

Sofie - Kristiansand, Norway

Fantastisk kundeservice og et virkelig unikt kunstverk. Kommer definitivt til å handle her igjen. Takk kærlega Baldur

Charlotte - Aarhus, Danmark

Billedet er helt fantastisk! Jeg er virkelig imponeret over detaljerne. Tak for hurtig levering.

Sebastian - Stockholm, Sweden

The print is like having a window to Iceland in my home. The view of the mountains and ocean is mesmerizing.

Ella - Drammen, Norway

Elsker det, fantastisk kunst! Bildet gir virkelig rommet mitt en ny dimensjon.

Charles - London, UK

The fine art flowers print brings nature indoors with a touch of elegance. it adds a minimalistic and simple vibe I was looking for to my home.

Lina - Ålesund, Norway

Vakre farger og detaljer i bildet mitt. Leveringen var også veldig rask. Anbefales!

James - Edinburgh, UK

Received my second order today! The quality is consistently excellent. Can't get enough of Baldur Jezorski's art. I'm actually replacing posters I've bought recently.

Erik - Haugesund, Norway

Bildet er virkelig et høydepunkt i stuen min. Takk for fantastisk kunst og god service

Julia - Oslo, Norway

Fantastisk kunstverk og rask levering. Jeg er veldig fornøyd med kjøpet mitt!

Nora - Trondheim, Norway

Fantastisk kvalitet og unikt design. Leveringen var også veldig rask. Anbefaler på det sterkeste

Daníel - Akureyri, Iceland:

The mug is a conversation starter! Everyone admires the unique design. Takk vinur, ég þarf að halda aftur af kærustunni, hún er búin að velja 10 myndir sem hún segir að við ÞURFUM að fá. Við pöntum meira fljótlega, takk aftur.

Leo from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fikk akkurat bildet mitt, og det er virkelig et kunstverk. Vakre farger og så detaljert!

Logan - Los Angeles, USA

This is my third purchase from the store, I love the quality of the paper (and of course the artwork). I love inviting people over, they always ask where I got the prints. I should get a commission, at least five of my friends ordered from you store already :'D

Isla - Glasgow, UK

The mug is not just for drinks; it's a mood lifter. The design is so calming, and it's become my go-to for tea sessions. The minimalistic line drawing of a woman is both captivating and empowering. It's a beautiful addition to my art collection. Thank you, Baldur!

Benjamin - Fredrikstad, Norway

Utrolig vakkert bilde! Gir virkelig stuen min et løft. Takk for rask levering.

Helene - Molde, Norway

Fantastisk kundeservice og nydelig kunst. Jeg er kjempefornøyd med bildet mitt!

Zoe - New Orleans, USA

Received my order promptly, and the mug is beyond my expectations. The artistry is exceptional. Thank you!!!

Alexander - Tromsø, Norway

Kjøpte både muggen og bildet. Begge er av fantastisk kvalitet og gir hjemmet mitt et unikt preg. Anbefales virkelig!

Mateo - Bergen, Norway

Fantastisk kunstverk som virkelig skaper en unik atmosfære. Veldig fornøyd med mitt kjøp!

Julian - Oslo, Norway

Bestilte to bilder, og begge er fantastiske! Gir stuen min et helt nytt uttrykk. Takk for flott kunst!

Sophie - London, UK

The geometrical forms print I ordered is an absolute gem! The precision and the play of shapes add a modern touch to my space. Highly recommended!

Amelia - Bodø, Norway

The dark love theme print is a bold and unique statement piece. It adds a touch of mystery and romance to my space. Absolutely stunning!

Axel - Malmö, Sweden

Baldur's ballerina painting captures the grace and beauty of dance. The details are exquisite, and it's a true celebration of movement and art.

Benjamin - Briston, UK

The 'First Kiss' painting is a beautiful portrayal of love. The tenderness and emotion captured in this piece make it a timeless and cherished work of art.

Isabella - Birmingham UK

Baldur's love paintings create an emotional connection. 'First Kiss' is a masterpiece that captures the essence of romance. So glad to have it!

William - Leicester, UK

Brought back memories with the nursery art prints. They're not just for kids; they're a nostalgic journey. Beautifully crafted

James - York, UK

Baldur's painted portraits are nothing short of captivating. The attention to detail and emotion in each piece are truly exceptional. A must-have!

Jonas - Bergen, Norway

Minimalistic watercolour objects have found a special place in my heart. The delicate beauty of these prints brings a sense of calm and sophistication.

Emma - Los Angeles, USA

Baldur's ballerina painting is a celebration of grace and movement. It's a visual masterpiece that brings the beauty of dance to life.

Ella - Paris, France

First Kiss' is not just a painting; it's a love story on canvas. Maybe a bit dramatic review but this how a feel. Thank you for quick replies and letting me order a extra big print :)

livia - Göteborg, Sweden

Fikk koppen min i dag, og designet er rett og slett vakkert. Den er min nye favoritt til morgenkaffen. Skål!

Lucas - Stockholm, Sweden

Bildet kom i perfekt stand. Emballasjen var utmerket, og kunstverket er pusten-avslående. Muito obrigado!

Lars - Stavanger, Norway

Nydelig kunstverk! Jeg føler at jeg er på Island hver gang jeg ser på det. Helt fantastisk!

Sophia - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Baldur's prints are not just art; they're a journey. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the colors transport you to Iceland's landscapes.

Oscar - Bodø, Norway

Takk Baldur :) Jeg har nå investert i flere av Baldurs verk. Hver gang jeg ser på dem, føler jeg at jeg er på Island. Utrolig vakre og inspirerende.

Nina - Trondheim, Norway

Baldurs kunst har virkelig beriket hjemmet mitt. Jeg er takknemlig for å eie disse vakre verkene. Ser frem til flere!